A photo? A story? A brand?

As a photography and marketing coach, I teach, motivate and inspire photographers to create. 

I help the emerging and enthusiast photographer take great pictures. I help entrepreneurs and professional communicators use their photos in social media and marketing campaigns to build stronger brands. 

My life's journey has taken me from a 20-year public relations professional to entrepreneurial endeavors that allow me to share my passion for photography and public relations/marketing expertise.

Now it's your turn. Allow yourself to dream for a moment. What do you want to create?


If your pictures aren't turning out the way you want, an easy solution might be around the corner. Check this dirty dozen to see what is keeping you from taking your best pictures, creating your meaningful art, and making your ultimate impact. Click the image on the right to download.

Click to download your free ebook.

Click to download your free ebook.

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